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Massage Therapy:

30 Minutes: $50

1 Hour: $80

90 Minutes: $105

Military veterans, teachers, nurses, sanitation workers, and those over age 65 can receive $5 off massage services.

Packages of 5 available at a discounted rate of $11 off each individual service.

Massage Add-ons:

Hot Stones: $20

Hot Towels: $5

Mini Facial: $45 +30 minutes to service

Back Scrub + Cleanse: $15

Foot Cleanse + Exfoliation: $10

Shower: $15

Epsom Salt Bath: $25

Tandem Massage Training: $50

One Hour

Bring a partner.  One of you will get on the massage table, and the other will receive a hands on massage lesson.  You may switch places half way.  Massage can be an effective way to manage pain and induce relaxation; learn to use it for someone important to you.  Learn the anatomy of pain and dysfunction.  My brain is yours to pick for 1 hour. 

Skin Care:

Dermalogica Facial: $75, 60 minutes

Unwind and treat your skin to rejuvenation.  Treatment includes a double cleanse, massage, exfoliation, mask, and moisturizer.  Sunblock and extractions may be applicable.  

Express Facial: $50, 30 minutes

Like the regular facial, minus massage.  
Add arm/hand or calf/foot massage during masque for $10

Salt Glow: $75

A treatment for the arms, legs, and back. Light massage, exfoliation, cleanse, and moisturizer. 1 Hour

Spa Foot Treatment

~45 minutes, $62

Sit for 10 minutes with your feet in an aromatic Epsom salt bath, wearing a toasty warm neck wrap. Receive a cleanse and sugar scrub exfoliation at the tub, and afterwards you will be moved to the heated treatment table where your feet will be given:

Chemical Exfoliation and Filing.



And Moisturizer


Half Leg: $35

Full Leg: $60

Full Leg w/ Bikini: $80

Bikini: $30

Underarms: $25

Half Arm: $25

Full Arm: $50

Eyebrows: $18

Eyebrow shaping: $30

Lip: $15

Chin: $20

Back or Chest: $45 and up

Cash, credit and check are accepted ($30 returned check fee)

50 percent of the scheduled service will be charged for appointments missed without 5 hours notice.  12 hours+ notice appreciated.  100 percent of scheduled service will be charged for no call, no shows.

Gift Certificates available!


Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial trigger points, also known as trigger points, are described as hyperirritable spots in the fascia surrounding skeletal muscle. They are associated with palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fibers as well as an associated pain pattern which can occur a distance away from the source.

Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage

Each session is tailored to your individual needs.  Whether you're suffering from headaches, back pain, any other array of pain, or you simply need to relax and unwind, your therapist will work with you on accomplishing your goals for the session.



Cupping is an ancient technique which with your permission may be used to supplement your session.  The cup creates a vacuum that increase bloodflow and reduces adhesions in the area.  

Cupping therapy is also available on its own at a reduced rate

Dermalogica Signature Facial

A supremely relaxing treatment. After a skin mapping examination where we'll identify your skin's condition, your face will be double cleansed, exfoliated, massaged, masked, and moisturized.  Sun block and extractions may be applicable.  If you're in a rush, make it an Express facial and cut out the massage portion.

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