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Who I Am and What I Do

My Background


Hi there :)  Call me Lee (they/them). I graduated Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage - Rochester in January 2010 and have been practicing (enthusiastically, if I may say so myself) since February of that year.  As of writing this, I've been going for 12 years! I have had my independent practice for about ten of those.  

I have many continuing education hours under my belt including but not limited to:

Trigger Point Therapy taught by the one and only Amber Davies

Cupping Therapy


Head, neck, and shoulders

Coaching The Body by the Thai Bodywork Institute.  

In March of 2019 I attended Continental School of Beauty in Rochester.  I graduated in October 2019 and became a licensed Esthetician.


My treatments are specifically tailored to the needs of each client to make sure they receive the approach that works best for them. Some people want to talk during their session, some want to not hear or say a word.  Some people want all the pressure I can give, some need a more measured and gentle approach.  I hear all of you, and I am here to accommodate. 

I came to being a therapist because I experienced the amazing results it can produce for myself after I suffered an extremely painful neck injury.  I love passing that on to others and helping these people achieve a higher quality of life.


Time and again my clients and I have seen the healing power of these treatments. Contact me to find out more, I look forward to meeting you.  My business is an LGBTQIA friendly space.  Unfortunately I don't have a ramp yet for accessibility but I'm saving up for one.

This is also a home shared by 5 cats.  I know you're thinking "that's a lot of cats."  And you would be right.  They can't get into the linens and I do my best to keep the place clean, but if you are very allergic you may want to take an allergy pill before your appointment.  On the plus side, they'll probably greet you at the door, and if all parties are feeling it one of them might even help with your treatment :)


My very special sidekick.  She's about 8 years old and has a seizure disorder so she's on some meds and sees a chiropractor.  She is into self-care life, this little bestie is a seasoned massage assistant.


A queen, a star, an absolute unit.  Being graced with this kitty's presence is said to bring seven years of good luck, but she'll probably be hiding somewhere.


Voted most likely to greet you at the door, this tuxedo'd little butler cat is full of curiosity and love.  She is likely to want to assist in your massage.


rest in peace 2/8/2024

This pirate-eyed little man is sweet but spicy.  Mind your flesh if it looks like he wants to play.  He was a rescue of my late mother, putting me into crazy cat person capacity, bless his soul.  May produce the cutest sounds you've ever heard in your life.


Dumb as a brick and full of charm, this massive himbo will almost definitely dive head first into your shoes.  He is Umbreon's littermate and probably likes pineapple on pizza.  Not that I blame him, so do I.

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